Getting Ready in Numeracy

The GRIN intervention program provides support for student experiencing difficulty in Mathematics. At Stevensville Primary school students from Year 4 are selected for participation in the program to support their learning in Mathematics. During the GRIN session a trained GRIN teacher or tutor will work with a group of 3 students to prepare them for the Maths session they will have during the day.


This may involve the group discussing the specific Mathematical language they will be using, practising solving problems using concrete materials such as counters and MAB Blocks or developing their number facts. The aim of each session is to develop each student’s confidence in their ability participate in Maths sessions and to strengthen their skills in the area of Mathematics the class is learning at that point in time.


At Stevensville GRIN sessions typically go for 15-20 minutes and are held each day between Monday and Thursday. For further information regarding our GRIN program please contact Sally Curmi- Leading Teacher (Curriculum) on 9366 1381.

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