Digital Technologies

  Stevensville operates a 1:1 technology program from Year 1 to

  Year 6. Students in these areas have laptop or netbook

  computers to support their learning. In Foundation, students

  share access to desktop and laptop computers.



  In the early years of schooling, our students use a wide range of

  technology. In addition to their laptops, students have access to digital cameras, blue-bots, Mathletics, Reading Eggs and coding websites such as


YEARS 3 - 6
Each student is provided with a netbook to enhance their learning. They use this technology to research, problem solve, synergise their learning, become media and information literate and become critical thinking users of global information systems.

Specific lessons are planned in Literacy and Numeracy to utilise digital technology and ensure students leave Stevensville at the end of Year 6 with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful secondary school learners and responsible global digital citizens.


These students use digital still and video cameras, voice recorders, coding websites such as Scratch and and robotics to expand their skills and knowledge base across the curriculum.

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